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KVMS was founded early 1999, in Turnhout, Belgium, and has since evolved into one of the leading global suppliers of SMT production solutions to a number of key global manufacturers.

The founders of the company have been active in the SMT industry since 1984, and building on their expertise KVMS has expanded first in Europe but now all over the world. KVMS operates out of its offices in Turnhout, Belgium which include a warehousing and logistics facility as well as a manufacturing / refurbishement facility.

This facility is responsable for the refurbishing activities of used SMT production equipment. Both faclities are located at the same industrial estate. KVMS also accomodates customers requirements in its state-of-the-art 2500 sqf demoroom where all our equipment is available for review and application testing.


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We sell

We sell new and used refurbished SMT production equipment. Currently, our products page is under construction, but we would be glad to help you with all your SMT inquiries.

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We buy

At KVMS, we sell refurbished SMT production equipment. If you you want to offer us your used SMT Equipement, we would be glad to do so. Our professional team of SMT experts will make sure you will get the best price for your offer.

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