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Tape and Reel Services

KVMS has its own taping reel packaging department, equipped with Manual and Automatic tape and reel equipment. Please contact info@kvms.be for any additional technical information or a quotation.

Carrier tape Advantek

Embossed carrier tape provides protection to integrated circuits and other devices from physical and electro-static discharge (ESD) damage during shipping and storage. Carrier tape is widely used for presenting devices to pick-and-place machines for automatic placement onto printed circuit boards. Advantek's carrier tape can incorporate containment features found in more expensive shipping media. This provides fragile devices - such as QFP's, chip scale packages and bare die - protection from physical damage.

Cover tape Advantek

Cover tape is sealed to the carrier tape to hold the devices in the pockets. Advantek offers a full range of cover tapes to meet various requirements.

Q Corporation Packaging And Processing Solutions

Q Corporation has been leading supplier for over 45 years in the electronic component packaging and processing industry by providing cost-effective component packaging and processing options with fast return on investment. The highly trained and talented employees of Q Corporation proudly design, build, and market quality equipment sold globally to process, handle, and package electronic components in our Wichita Kansas facility. 
In addition to our standard equipment, our design engineering team and experienced manufacturing staff create a variety of custom designed packaging and processing solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Q Corporation recognizes and adheres to global standards and is driven to exceed the requirements and expectations of our varied customer base.

PCB Magazines Series for automated assembly lines. 

Automation Requires Precision. 
Precision, stability and flexible handling are important features for the use of the PCB Magazines in automated assembly lines. 
The stable and robust frame construction guarantees a long lasting use of the cab magazine in your production. The rack walls are manufactured from conductive material.  
Metal magazine. 
For high mechanical or temperature use we offer the magazine with metal rack walls.  
Series 600 - Width adjustment by screw clamp. 
The series 600 is cost effective alternative with a simple width adjustment. 
By backing off the four screw clamps the moveable rack wall can be pushed to the necessary PCB width.  
Series 700 - Width adjustment by gear belt. 
Handling different PCB sizes the magazines have to be adjusted to the PCB width quite often. 
The PCB Magazines of the series 700 are adjusted to the necessary PCB width within seconds.  
The magazines can be stacked and secured space saving by four support guides on the top of the plate.  
Through to the vertical symmetry all magazines can be placed upside down to work on double sided PCBs. 
The stacking locator knobs must be replaced.  
Transport safety. 
To secure the PCBs while transporting the magazine, a safety bar is mounted on the front and back side of the rack wall.  

Depanelling today 
In the process of depanelling market requirements increased extremely over the last years. Panels – carrying printed circuit boards – come in many different materials as in example FR4, plastics, ceramics, aluminium, copper or in various material thicknesses and are always to be depanelled in the same quality of cut. On top it is requested that the process of production is as stress- and dust-reduced as possible not to harm the sensible parts. A short process-time and the possibility to be quick and comfortable in changing production becomes more and more important. At this stage we offer solutions for all requirements as for manuel, semiautomatic, fully automatic depanelling with a mix of routing and cutting for highly sophisticated depanelling requirements.

SMD Component Counter

  • Fully automatic counting of SMD components with high accuracy 
  • Can connect the barcode scanner and label printer 
  • Easy to operate, designed to prevent tape dropping, minimizing risk of tape damage 
  • Count forward and reverse ,double-check feature ensures accuracy, built-in memory allows you to pre-set count quantity. 
  • The counter use drafting LCD screen. Small size, light weight, easy to carry 
  • Use patent reflector, humanized operation platform. 
  • Install bar code for convenient electronic component management. 
  • Optical fibre sensor for empty pocket detection, motor will stop working when detected
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