IEMME Electronic SMD Component or Parts Storage

Automatic Storage & Traceability

Traceability (the process of information of the product from upstream to downstream) but also reverse process, from downstream to upstream is becoming more and more necessary because of the much more request of accuracy of information and safety in the market of electronic assembly.  
IEMME, a company with many years of experience in the supply of equipment and solutions for the electronic assembly, now offers the opportunity to tackle this new request from the initial stages, with an innovative solution that also addresses the storage management components SMD and PTH. 
With WMS, intuitive and easy to use software, you can determine the traceability of the component (with the possibility also monitoring the parameters of temperature and humidity) from the procurement to the order on which it will be used. 
Through the platform software WMS you can go back to: 
production batch 
production order 
rolle / components involved 
supplier of my order (DDT and / or order) 
producer component (datecode / part-number) 

With this system will be easy to manage in real time the request of components for each assembly step, reducing the time of withdrawal / repositioning and optimizing the activities of the operators, by contracting the costs and limiting errors.

Lzero3 – Warehouse Management System

The Lzero3 storage cabinet is part of a highly flexible and expandable range of component storage solutions that intelligently manage inventory items for near-production deployment. The Lzero3 networks with existing MRP/ERP systems and pick and place machines to efficiently pick and restock factory work orders. 
KVMS offers three variants, with the Lzero3 being reconfigurable and expanded on-site to allow the automatic reel storage capability to adapt to future changes in inventory profile. 
The Lzero3 delivers 1600 < 2000 different SMD reels and allows the simultaneous insertion and extraction of up to 36 reels of 7-inch profile, or up to 27 reels of mixed 7-inch & 15-inch profiles. This helps operators to set up production seamlessly and accurately. 
Unlike other solutions, Lzero3 does not require the cost or complication of additional storage boxes to hold component reels. Lzero3 is able to manage all reel formats without fuss or compromise. 
An option for the storage cabinet Lzero3 is to fit an absorption module to store components sensitive to humidity (Moisture Sensitive Devices – MSDs). It achieves and maintains a controlled environment of less than five percent Relative Humidity. The module allows permanent RH control, physical tracking of the exposure time (the time for which the device is exposed to the ambient atmosphere), and calculates the remaining “Floor Live Time” for MSDs to define the residual time left in the ambient atmosphere before specifications are exceeded. 
Typical configurations: 
Lzero3 small: – 1500 x 7″ reels 
Lzero3 standard: – 1100 reels (900 x 7″ + 200 x 13-15″) 
Lzero3 mixed: – 900 reels (635 x 7″ + 265 x 13-15″) 
Lzero3 wide (8 – 12 – 16mm): – 519 reels 13 – 15″ 
Lzero3 wide (24 – 32mm): – 399 reels 13 – 15″ 
Lzero3 with extension module: +500 7″reels (8mm) 
Lzero3 with extension module: +180 13-15″reels (12-16mm) 
Have a look inside the LZero 3 Storage System
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