MASCOT – PCB Hand Assembly Made Easy

Different configurations of MASCOT

The MASCOT System is specifi cally designed to be modular so that it can be confi gured to meet your requirements, whatever your budget or application. The software, laser projector head, automated dispensers and specialised benches can be easily reconfi gured, should your needs change in the future.
To cater for the number of part numbers you need and the size of your parts, you can select from a range of component dispensers. Each MASCOT can run up to four carousels, each holding 50 bins, so a single MASCOT workstation can present up to 200 random access bin locations. In addition a MASCOT can drive up to 176 LED indicators on Tote Bin Arrays, IC Dispensers, or even clip-on LEDs that can be fitted onto your own bins.
Our most popular configurations of the MASCOT System are outlined below. However, if you have an application for MASCOT and do not feel that any of these confi gurations would be a perfect solution, please let us know. MASCOT’s modular nature allows us to easily build a system around your needs.



MASCOT Standalone

Perfect for manufacturers that do not have the need for a fl owline, MASCOT Standalone enables one operator to build the entire PCB. Ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort, the workstation sweeps around the user’s position offering the minimum distance to pick parts from the carousels. The height adjustable work bench ties all the elements together.
MASCOT Standalone can accommodate turnover fixtures, wave solder pallets and crop plates.
The system’s work area is available in 2 sizes, for PCBs or pallets up to:
Size 1 – 457mm x 305mm
Size 2 – 600mm x 500mm


MASCOT Pushtrack

MASCOT Pushtrack allows multiple MASCOT systems to be configured in-line making flow line production possible. The non motorised pushtrack has an adjustable line-width to suit PCBs or pallets up to 500mm front to back. PCB ride height is also adjustable. MASCOTS in a flowline configuration can spread all the materials needed to build your full range of PCBs across the different MASCOT systems in the flowline. Each MASCOT then presents those parts of the assembly which it holds in its bins. Once this MASCOT has completed all its steps, the operator is notified to move the PCB to the next MASCOT to follow the same process.
This procedure continues until the whole PCB has been built. Robotas calls this process “Lean Line”. Working in this way eliminates kitting and setup time, enabling high volumes of small
batches to be built with ease. Using your MASCOT carousels to store all the part numbers needed to build your entire range of PCBs results in zero kitting and set up time on your flowline. Many of
our customers find this an invaluable feature.



MASCOT systems can be retrofitted to production lines with existing motorised fl owlines, giving you all the benefits of MASCOT’s automated hand assembly systems on existing or new motorised conveyors. We have fitted MASCOT to many manufacturers’ motorised fl owlines around the world including Flexlink, Nutek, Promass and PMJ.
The whole MASCOT system is built to operate in static sensitive areas with sockets for anti-static wrist straps built into both sides of the bench.
Installation is very easy and the whole machine is designed for minimum on-site maintenance.