modus AOI MLD1200-OS

modus AOI MLD1200-OS

The offline system (single-user mode) modus AOI MLD1200-OS for the printed circuit board inspection from above has a multi-LED illuminated scanner unit as well as a patented special lens which generates a parallax free picture.

The AOI includes one modus system PCs with the proprietary modus inspection software.


  • Single system for the inspection of the PCBs top side.
  • Combination of diverse inspection tasks such as SMD placement, THTsolder joints, conformal coating and full screening for solder bead(solderballs).
  • Capture of barcode and data-matrix codes in any position and quantity onthe multi PCB.
  • Scan range 310 x 410 mm (11.8 in./15.8 in.).


Scan Unit
Max. resolution 600 – 1200 dpi, 42µm-21µm
Color intensity 3 x 12 bit internal, 3×8 bit external
Scan range 300 mm x 410 mm [11.8 in. x 16.1 in.]
Fotoelectrical prinzip: CCD line sensor RGB 14600 pixels x 3
Effective pixels: 859 megapixels, optical density: 3.0
Light source: multi-LED illumination, standard white red and blue optional UV LED 365 nm focused, Interface: SCSI-II, 68 pin
Telecentric lens for parallax free image
Rectified image because of ortogonal calibration

Intel I5 3.3 GHz, 16 GB RAM, DVD-writer,
Network interface 2 x 1Gb/s, I/O module, 2 x 3TB harddisk,
1 x SSD harddisk, Windows7 professionel 64Bit, keyboard, mouse, mini keyboard, 19‘‘ TFT-monitor

Operating Range
Operation range 300 mm x 410 mm [11.8 in. x 15.8 in.]
Clearance BOT max 40mm, TOP up to 60mm [ 1.6 in. 2.3 in.]

Test Speed
PCB-area 300 mm x 410 mm [11.8 in. x 15.8 in.] independent of the number of inspection parts: 25 seconds (incl. calulation time)

PCB JIG for fixing device under test
Single system with drawer and variable staircase like fixture (magnetically adjusted) Closing the drawer automatically starts
the check. Ergonomic soldering frame fixture without drawer

Dimensions and Weight
Desktop system 760 mm x 590 mm [29.9 in. x 23.2 in.] height
490 mm [19.3 in., drawer included], weight ca. 80 kg (176 lbs)

Connection values and Setting conditions
230 V / 50 Hz P1 or 110V / 60 Hz
Power consumption of scanner 250 W
Temperature: 5° C – 35° C
Humidity: 10 % – 80 % non-condensing