Nordson Select Cerno 508.1

The Cerno™ 508.1 is a robust selective soldering system delivering the optimum balance between flexibility, throughput and large board size. The Cerno™ 508.1 has many unique features, including combined fluxing, preheating and soldering for easy integration into batch or in-line production.

With its flexible configuration, the Cerno™ 508.1 is a versatile selective soldering platform and can be equipped for either single, parallel or double processing. Use of a single dropjet
fluxer and solder pot allows soldering of printed circuit boards as large as 508 x 508 mm.


Standard Features

  • Integrated platform with combined fluxing, preheating and single selective soldering station (508.1S)
  • SMEMA chain conveyor with positive PCB location
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • MicroDrop drop-jet fluxer
  • Flux level sensing system
  • All titanium solder pot and pump assembly
  • Quick change magnetically coupled solder nozzle
  • Automatic solder pot level monitoring
  • Automatic wave height monitoring
  • Heated nitrogen inerting system
  • Process viewing camera
  • PhotoScan editor and machine control software
    – Easy “point-and-click” programming
    – Remote machine control
    – Remote machine maintenance
    – Network and FIS capability
  • TFT monitor

Additional Configurations

Dual MicroDrop drop-jet fluxers and dual solder pot and pump assemblies for parallel or double soldering modes (508.1PD)

Optional Features

  • In-process, closed-loop flux verification system for drop-jet control
  • Full surface topside infrared preheating
  • Full surface bottom-side infrared preheating
  • Closed-loop pyrometer control
  • Board warpage sensing system
  • Dual process viewing camera and second monitor
  • Automatic solder wire feeding system
  • Automatic solder level sensing system
  • Wave height control sensing system
  • Automatic solder nozzle cleaning system
  • Data logging system with traceability of all process parameters
  • Barcode reader