Robotas Mascot Lean Manual PCB Assambly Solutions

Lean hand assembly systems  
Robotas’ hand assembly systems semi automate your manual assembly process which simplifies and speeds up production, reduces setup time and significantly increases quality. 

Core Elements of our systems: 
  • Intelligent kitting/replenishment 
  • Automatic program loading 
  • Step by step control – Paperless Work Instructions 
  • Component placement guidance via Laser indication  
  • Dispensing of material & tools 
  • Validation – Right first time 
  • Data logging & Traceability 
  • Reporting 
  • Minimal operator training required 

MASCOT is a uniquely precise and rapid hand assembly solution for populating PCBs. MASCOT minimizes PCB assembly time, significantly improves production quality and offers far greater flexibility for through-hole & odd form insertion, inspection and rework. 
Using MASCOT can eliminate set up time making it perfect for manufacturers who produce a high mix of PCBs and have small to medium sized batch runs. 
MASCOT is the essence of Lean Manufacturing. MASCOT ensures that the right component is placed in the right position, in the right orientation every time, at speed. Not only does MASCOT significantly reduce the time that it takes operators to populate their PCBs, but our customers report that the number of mistakes made by operators have reduced by 60%. 
The user friendly operation requires virtually no training and allows for even non-experienced operators to begin building PCBs immediately. Program changes can be made simply & quickly.

Robotas Mascot Pushtrack

With lean manufacturing as its primary objective, Pushtrack models are installed in line, with operators at each station building a specific part of the PCB before being instructed to pass the board downline to the next Mascot. A flow line can feature as many Mascots as needed to balance the materials inventory between stations to maximise efficiency and productivity. This process is perfect for high volumes and small batches with ample capacity for the entire inventory, eliminating kitting and set up time. The non-motorised pushtrack is ride-height and line-width adjustable to accommodate PCBs and pallets up to 500mm in depth.

Robotas Mascot Standalone

Mascot Standalone is ideal where the station is not required in an assembly line. In these applications, a single operator will typically build the entire PCB, guided perfectly through the process by Mascot’s clear instructions and bright laser indicator. We know that workspace comfort is essential for productivity, so the Standalone model features excellent ergonomics with its height-adjustable worktable placing everything directly at hand. It is available in two sizes, accommodating PCBs or pallets up to 600mm x 500mm.

Mascot Software

Included with every Mascot station is a suite of intuitive software tools to create step-by-step work instructions. Among these is an Auto Image facility to upload a captured image of a ‘golden board’, ready to use as a visual operator reference for every assembly process step. There’s also an intelligent Wizard to speed up the programming, tools to add sound and visual polarity indicators for components that need it, verification stages to ensure the integrity of critical process steps, an import mechanism to quickly create new assemblies from existing parts, and drag & drop functions to easily rearrange the assembly sequence. In addition, for panelised PCB assemblies, a step & repeat tool generates the work instructions for other boards in the matrix in seconds.
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