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CyberOptics QX100-M

World's fastest tabletop at 200cm²/sec 
True, in-line inspection capability with unique image acquisition technology – SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) 
Fully unsupervised and semi-automatic model training with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) Technology 
Faster programming with 90% reduction in examples and simplified model setup 
Ideal for high-mix, low volume environment 
Board Width 50 x 320 mm 
Board Length 50 x 510mm 
Resolution 17µm pixel size 
Inspection Speed Up to 200cm²/sec


EKRA E-1 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer

Vintage: 2002 
Side Clamps 
Board Support Tooling 
Printing Blades 
Adjustable Screen Size 
Fully Functional

SMT Quattro Peak L Plus N²

Quattro Peal L Plus Reflow System with N² Control

Build: 2008

8 zones: 5 preheating and 3 Peak Zones (top and bottom)
Chain conveyor system 
Transport width: 120 - 510 mm
Centre board support

All specifications are availble in attached pdf document:
QPL+ N² 1337-706
Drawing available here

CyberOptics QX500 AOI

Fast, on-the-fly inspection with SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) 
Edge for inspecting ‘Anything’ with SAM (Statistical Appearance Modeling) Technology 
Lowest False Call Rate 
Simple, fast programming with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) Technology 

Specifications QX500™ 
Board Width 50 x 308 mm 
Board Length 50 x 457 mm 
Resolution 17µm pixel size  
Inspection Speed 200 cm²/sec


  • External ATS flux system  
  • Automatic flux dosing  
  • Controllable conveyor speed  
  • 3 x separated controlable conveyor system  
  • 2 x top / 2 bottom Convection heat  
    4 x IR heat system (upgraded with more power)  
    1 x Quartz  
  • 1 x CHIP nozzle, with sector soldering  
    1 x DELTA nozzle, with sector soldering  
  • Active cooling system for external supply (no cooling system)  
  • N2 system and 3 x O2 analyzer  
  • RFID-program changer  
  • SMS failure report system  
  • New PC (2018) and latest PC / PCS software

V-TEK TM-330

VTEK SMT Taping Machine - Model TM330 
Placement Speed - 500 to 5000 units per hour, dependent on component size and operator skills 
Handles all tape widths from 8mm-12mm-16mm-24mm-32mm 
Baseplate Dimensions: 24" x 12" 
Overall Dimensions: 22" x 55" x 18"
Large, small, and difficult-to-place parts are easy to tape with V-TEK’s TM-330. 
The microprocessor-controlled seal processor and stepper motor drive assure precise control of all taping parameters. Several advance speeds are available to accommodate problem parts and to minimize part jumping. 
Flexible, easy-to-use, menu-driven software and advanced electronic characteristics make the TM-330 a perfect choice for integration into manufacturing processes with existing pick and place capabilities. 
In addition to its electronics flexibility, the TM-330 offers V-TEK’s easy setup and changeover design, allowing any taping operator to change our carrier and cover tapes in minutes.

Dual Magazine Unloader     NUTEK NTM720EXL-2

Good/bad sorting included  
Magazines are manually placed on the platform and clamped in position. 
Pneumatic stopper at inlet to control PCB flow from upstream reflow oven. 
Controlled by Omron PLC. 
Tailor made to the magazine of your choice. 
Regulated pressure on the integrated pusher. 
Good or bad board separation. 
Ball screw driven positioning of shuttle conveyor. 
Towerlight display for machine status. 
Selectable pitch settings.  

Europlacer Access4

Europlacer Access 4 Pick and Place machine
Component type: 
Dimensions: From 0.5mm x 1mm (0402) to 50mm x 50mm
Max height : 14.5 mm 
Minimum pitch of the legs: 0.4 mm
PCB size: 50x50mm to 410x500mm 
PCB Thickness: 0.5mm to 4.5mm
Length 2.2m, width 1.5m, height 1.84m

Delivered with feeders (ask for more details)

Essemtec RO400

Soldering of complex SMD boards and new package technologies requires a well-controlled soldering process. The RO400FC uses full convection only to heat PCBs homogeniously. The convection technology uses vertical laminar flow, which offers an efficient heat transfer with the lowest delta T values. This technology makes the RO400FC suitable for lead free solders as well. 
Zone temperatures – three preheat and one peak – are fully programmable, as is the closed-loop-controlled conveyor speed. Zone temperatures are measured within the airflow at the board height to guarantee highly reproducible soldering conditions. 
The universal mesh belt or the precise chain conveyor transports single or double-sided boards up to 400 mm (15.7“) width.

DEK ELA Screen Printer

Model: DEK ELA 
Condition: used  
Equipment Details: Screen printer  
Stencil chaise: 29" x 29"  
Green camera  
Under screen cleaner with integrated vacuum  
2000 vintage


Bare board destacker with clamping unit 
Transport width 50-390mm 
Elctrical width adjustment 
1 conveyor stage, L->R 

Heraeus HC0057 

Manufacturer: HERAEUS / VOTSCH 
Model: HC 0057 
Equipment Details: 
Volume: 570 L 
Internal dimensions: ca. 800 x 850x 800 mm 
Temperature: +10ºC tot +90ºC. 
Humidity range: 30% bis 95% 
Weight: 550 kg 
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